About Us

Our Approach

We are a tribe of teachers here to inspire and serve you on your wellness journey. We want to help you live your BEST life in a supportive community.

We operate on the understanding that people are inherently good and loving, are perfectly imperfect in their own way, and are doing their best with what they have. We can relate to the sometimes powerful feelings of disconnect that threaten to consume us as a society. Yet we view individuals as whole and unbroken. We know that life has it’s lemons, however, we don’t believe in ‘fixing’ others.

We honor, support, and connect through acknowledgement, acceptance, and appreciation. Intervention is not our way; loving connection is. Unlike a traditional ‘gym’ model, Viva La Lemon Wellness Studio is not about aesthetics. We are about gathering together to individually honor our bodies – mentally, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. We are about community and ensuring every member feels like they ‘belong’. We are a safe space for everybody and every BODY.

We aspire to be real, raw, and transparent with the desire to express the way our lives actually are – beyond preferences and absorption, but rather with fierce unconditional love. We are here to stand with you – not above you. We are students as much as we are teachers, and we are honored to rise up next to everyone in this great community.

Our Story

Founder, Nicole Barclay, established Viva La Lemon in 2016. She planted the seed and then watched it grow through her own wellness journey.  On a quest to find contentment and peace in her own life she realized that every life has it’s lemons – those road blocks or sudden curve balls we get dealt. But she found that, “When life throws us those lemons we can embrace them with open arms, nurture them, and be mindful. We don’t need to make lemonade, as the old saying goes. We don’t need to add sugar or fake sweeteners, we don’t even need to water it down to dissipate the bitterness. We can just drink the juice straight up.  Experience zest for life just as it is. Embrace the present moment in all its beauty. And with practice, insight and bliss will fall upon us with such grace – it’s warmth will sink deep into our souls.

Nicole began writing about her journey through blog posts. “Journaling was never my strong suit.  But sharing my story online with those who might listen was very empowering.  It’s amazing what happens when you are real and speak your truth – people can relate!”  Relationships grew and so did Nicole’s love of connection, mindfulness, and yogic practices.  Tired of not sure where she ever really belonged, Nicole began to build a community of like-minded souls who were also interested in living awake, finding their purpose, and living their best life with intention; resiliency even.

In 2019 Viva La Lemon had grown significantly to then move to its own home.  In partnership with Deb from The Mindful Mouse – Viva La Lemon Wellness Studio was born.

Our Values

  • Gathering together lifts us all.
  • Humanness is worth the work.
  • Everyone matters.
  • There’s always joy in it if you look closely.
  • Source can be found in anything and everything.
  • Diversity is a celebration of life.
  • Small communities can make big differences.
  • Right paths vary. All lead home to the heart.
  • Everyone is welcome.

Be here. Be you. Be loved.

Meet the Team