Be Moveable So You Can Be Moved…

Be Moveable So You Can Be Moved  …it’s your peaceful path to stillness both inside & out.

A recent post by Mike @stralayoga that has given me good food for thought on how we find stillness in motion, movement, change, life. To me, this applies to how we find peace or ease in anything at all… our life with food, relationships, yoga poses, body acceptance, home, career …and everything else. Which is an especially great topic as we come to the end of a year that held so many things for each of us – and has perhaps left you wondering how to feel about it. Did you achieve what you hoped? Did the unexpected take you in a direction you didn’t anticipate? Are you ready to let go and step into the next year?

If Only.  Have you ever noticed how challenging it can be to feel content, satisfied or ready while life moves and changes around us, unpredictably? Our thoughts run on with ideas and stories about how it should or could be. If only [insert perfect scenario here]. Even in yoga class, ‘if only my body could ______ or my mind could be quiet and stop thinking’.

When we are rigid, forcing, or holding tightly to an idea of how something should be, the stress of this effort can block the opportunity to flow with harmony. Imagine holding tightly in a yoga pose, rigid, shaking, struggling against discomfort or pain. The struggle to hold tightly onto this likely will have an opposite effect and move you further from a sense of harmony.

Enter the power of ‘move-ability’ to allow us to move in harmony with life, peacefully and with inner stillness. This is to be flexible, allowing waves & shifts, and letting ourselves flow WITH what is deeply true for us in a moment or experience, rather than holding rigidly against.  When faced with change or challenge,  you can think of it as allowing yourself to shift back towards positive alignment and action.

In your yoga practice, this may be allowing yourself to shift and rock as you find an expression of a pose that feels right in your body that day, rather than striving for a textbook position. In your life with food, it may mean letting your deep intuition (aka. your gut) guide you, tuning in to what makes you feel truly good & energized, but not attaching rigidly to what is supposed to be “healthy” or feeling badly for choices that you made, creating a fight with your body or food. Finding stillness in motion, peacefully, means shifting your focus to moving along with the moment, with your body, with your feelings, whatever is present there. Feel your breath, and give yourself permission to be moved & shifted. Let go & flow in harmony.

And so, to get out of your own way…
1. Avoid telling yourself what to feel.
2. Learn to move in harmony, without all the noise and limitation created by stress and struggle.
3. Hear what you’re feeling, and believe that it’s true.
4. Move in response to what you hear.

(Strala Yoga Blog, December 16, 2019)

Breath, breath, and breath again.

~ Warmly, Buffy

Elizabeth (Buffy) Cancade is our in-house Integrative Health & Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor. With a passion for whole foods, cooking, and whole living, she guides people on their journey away from stress and into mindful, healthy relationships with food, body, and life.

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