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Tibetan Singing bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowl, 3 inch wide

These Tibetan singing bowls are made in Nepal of 7 different metals. It comes with a wooden striker and cushion. Strike the bowl to make a ringing bell sound, or run the striker smoothly around the outside of the bowl to make a meditative humming noise.


3″ – $30 each

4″ – $40 each

5″- $50 each


White Sage Smudge, 8 inch, UNpackaged

Large Sage Bundle

Bundle of dried California White Sage, tied with string. Size is approximately eight inches long and two inches wide. This sacred native herb is used for fragrance and purification through smudging. Grown wild without pesticides and harvested in California.

$20 each

*LOLLIPOP* White Sage Smudge, 4-5 in, Unpackaged

Small Sage Bundle

A **lolipop** shaped smudge bundle of dried California White Sage, tied with string. About four to five inches long, and about 2.5 inches of it is a bundle of sage leaf. This leaves the last two inches to be a handle. Used for fragrance and smudging purposes. Grown wild without pesticides and harvested in California.

$10 each

Smudge Bowl

A handy accessory for burning sage and smudge sticks. The wide mouth allows you to put out your burning smudge stick by rubbing it into the bottom of the bowl. Also great for lighting whole leaves and letting them burn in the pot safely. Fill it with sand or salt, and it can be used as an incense burner. 5 inches wide, and 2 inches tall.

$15 each

Essential Oil Mist

This mist of essential oils is a wonderful way to smudge yourself and your surroundings when you cannot burn sage. Can also be spited on your yoga mat before and/or after practice.

The essential oils of Spruce, Fir, Pine, and Ylang Ylang help you to feel calm, grounded, and focused. 4 ounces (120ml) in a blue glass bottle with gentle misting spray. 

Directions for use: Shake well before using. Spray anytime to clear, refresh, and revitalize your sacred space. 

Ingredients: Essential oils of Juniper, Fir, and Pine. Essences of sacred flowers, stones, colors, and sound. Prayers and blessings for your eternal well-being. 


Palo Santo bundles

Palo Santo is similar to Sage in its smudging abilities, as it purifies and cleanses energies and banishes misfortune and evil spirits, therefore, Palo Santo represents Protection and Purification.

Each bundle contains 5 pieces of wood

Each piece of wood is approx. 4 inches long.

$10 each or 2 for $18

Magic Thermal Rice Bags

You can use your Magic Rice Bag to relax, to warm up or to relieve pain. Magic Bags are reusable and can be used warm or cold.

Choose from plain or lavender.

Warm: place in center of microwave and heat up in 30 second intervals to a max of 2.5 mins.You may add a few sprinkles of water with yourchoice of essential oil prior to heating.

Cold: place inside sealable plastic bag (to prevent absorbing any smells) and place in freezer until desired temperature.

Large (20″ x 6″)

plain – $35 each

lavender – $40

Small/ Eyepillows with removable putter cover

Plain – $15

Lavender – $20

Various patterns available.

Viva La Lemon Flowy Tank

Comes in Lg and Xlg currently (fits smaller)

****don’t see your size?! Email me and I’ll add your request to the order.

Clots: Black, Gray or heathered Black


Mala Bracelets

Custom orders available.

Choose your gemstone, focal bead, findings, size, or perhaps just choose a meaning and allow me to design one for you.

Pre-made bracelets available at Plaza Petals Flower Shoppe in Souris, Mb.

Mala Necklace/ Meditation Beads

Custom orders available.

Lets have a chat about your life as it is right now to design a mala just for you.  Tell me your current personal development goals, your date of birth, any physical/mental/spiritual ailments, social issues, your favorite season, the earth element that most resonates with you, and your favorite color.


Agate ~ Strength/ Protection / Harmony

African Tourquoise~ Growth/ Development/ Positivity

Amazonite ~ Soothing/ Calming/ Protection

Amethyst ~ Intuition/ Peace/ Balance / Courage

Angelite ~ Intuition/ Higher Self/ Communication

Artistic Jasper ~ Relaxation/ Nurturing/ Grounding

Aventurine ~ Prosperity/ Compassion / Creativity

Black Onyx ~ Strength / Stamina/ Good fortune

Bloodstone ~ Determination/ Nobility / Decision making

Blue Agate~ Relaxation/ Calming/ Soothes negativity

Blue Quartz~ Mental clarity/ Communication/ Tranquility

Carnelian ~ Abundance/ Prosperity/ Ambition

Cedar wood~ Cleanse/ Heal/ Ground /Protection

Citrine ~ Wealth/ Prosperity/ Success

Clear Quartz ~ Energy/ Creativity/ Clarity

Fluorite~ Concentration/ Positive energy/ Confidence

Garnet ~ Manifest/ Success/ Healing/ Self-worth

Gray Picture Jasper~ Self inquiry/ Initiative/ Confidence

Hematite ~ Grounding/ Memory/ Courage/ Protection

Howlite ~ Calming/ Memory boost / Knowledge

Indian Agate~ Tranquility/ Healing/

Labradorite ~ Aura protection/ Opening/ Shifting

Lava ~ Re-birth/ Balance/ Earth element

Lapis Lazuli ~ Clarity/ Protection/ Confidence

Lilac Jasper~ Calming/ Meditation/ Courage

Moonstone ~ Inner growth/ Strength/ intuition/ Dreams

Obsidian ~ Clarity/ Protection/ Compassion

Ocean Jasper~ Self love/ nurturing energy/ empathy

Opal ~ Intensify emotions/ strengthen memory

Opalite ~ Communication/ meditation/ success

Picasso Jasper ~ Strength/ self-discipline/ weight loss

Porcelain Jasper ~ Nurture/ Security/ Relations

Quartz ~ Master healer/ amplifies energy

Jasper ~ protection/ calming/ dream recall

Jade~ calming/ protection/ strength

Rhodonite ~ compassion/ Yin & Yang/ forgiveness

Rose Quartz ~ universal love/ trust/ harmony

Rudraksha Seed ~ healing/ guidance/ Spirituality

Sandalwood~ relaxation/ peace/ clarity/ grounding

Sesame Jasper~ absorbs negativity/ nurturing/ calming

Silkwood ~ grounding/ balancing/ healing

Smokey Quartz ~ protection/ healing/ mood booster

Sodalite ~ truth/ self esteem/ psychic abilities

Strawberry Quartz~ Love/ gratitude/ generosity

Tiger Eye~ Strength/ Patience/ Determination

Tibetan Crackle Agate~ good fortune/ prosperity/Courage

White Jade ~ harmony/ grounding/ peace/ luck

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